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I run my business differently than most mortgage brokers. I believe strongly in a personal connection with my clients. I want to meet them, understand them and partner with them to help them achieve their goals. While I can't say that I have met every single client over my 20+ years in the industry, I can tell you that I have personally met and shared stories with more than 90% of my client base. That personal connection is important to me.

When possible, I try to meet with every one of my clients at the time of application. There are so many new bank policies, new government regulation and new loan disclosures, that it's important to me that I be there to explain each and every form. I also attend most every single closing so I can ensure that the final documents are drawn correctly, to the terms you expect and be able to quickly solve problems if they arise. I have been told by many notaries that it's not usual for the mortgage broker to attend the closing. My answer is "How can I not attend the closing with my clients?".

I have surrounded myself with the the best support staff in the industry (escrow, title, processing, banking & Realtor's), so when you choose to work with me, you also get to work with the best experts in their respective fields. I am a team player.

Most important though is that I know how to close escrows and I close them on time.


Jim Clark

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