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The Mortgage Genius

The Mortgage Genius was born in January of 2013 and has been my alias since that time.

The Mortgage Genius was born out of my necessity to be found. In the past when I would Google James Clark, pages and pages of websites for various James Clark’s would populate and unfortunately none of them were me. I became determined to find a way to pull myself from the vast pages of obscurity in Google and the Mortgage Genius was born.

I adopted this alias specifically to help people find, connect and more importantly, remember me. I went from being buried on some obscure Google page, to nearly having an entire page to myself, as The Mortgage Genius.

Today, the Mortgage Genius can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. You will find the Mortgage Genius on customized loan quotes, monthly newsletters and postcards being sent out to my book of business. When you search for and find The Mortgage Genius, you’ve found me.

James Clark, The Mortgage Genius, looks forward to meeting you.

Get to know Jim:

James graduated from UC San Diego in June of 1989 with a degree in economics and a minor in behavioral science.

James received his first Real Estate license with the Department of Real Estate in May of 2000 and then obtained his Broker License with the Department of Real Estate in February of 2011.

James received his unique NMLS credentials in March of 2010 within the first few weeks of the Department of Real Estate allowing applications for existing licensees.

Jim Clark

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